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Our Coalition has served Barron County as a whole since 1989.


Our primary goals are to:

  • Reduce and prevent substance use among youth

  • Collaborate & expand resources to support community members

  • Provide awareness of community needs

  • Develop healthy community environments and systems

We focus on environmental strategies and system changes to create sustainable, healthier environments in our communities. We have successfully brought in well over 2.5 million dollars in prevention monies and achieved significant reductions in youth substance use and other youth risk behaviors. 

Mission Statement

Build and grow community partnerships to make Barron County a better place for everyone. 

Moving our communities forward together. 


In 1989 the Barron County Adolescent
Health Council was established. Over the
next decade the Council expanded, and in
2001 became the Barron County Safe &
Stable Families Coalition.

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