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Coalition Membership

Barron County Community Coalition is a network of businesses, organizations and individuals working together to create healthier and safer communities in Barron County. 

The Coalition welcomes all community members to participate! 



There are three levels of coalition membership to invite everyone to participate as their schedule and priorities allow: 

  • Active Members: Attend meetings regularly are actively involved in the work of the Coalition, advocate for the Coalition, and support the mission and promote the work of the coalition. 

  • Supporting Members: Attend occasional meetings, are familiar with the work of the coalition, and support Coalition efforts. 

  • Extended Members: Are usually not able to attend meetings but are willing to be contacted occasionally regarding specific prevention issues and volunteer opportunities.  

All members receive Community Coalition meeting reminders and Friday update emails which include information on upcoming events, meetings, and training opportunities as well as coalition information, programming, and opportunities within the community. 

To join the Barron County Community Coalition, please complete the Membership Agreement:


Member or not, everyone is invited to attend coalition meetings.

All meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 9 am.


Meetings are virtual email

to request the link. 

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